Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Digital Tools (Week 5)

Today we learned about all the digital tools that we will be working with througout this semester. We will get to explore the many uses for PDA's, digital cameras, PC Tablet, digital recorders for podcasting, and much more. I am anxious to begin learning about these tools and experimenting with the millions of possibilities they provide. Today we also learned about the rotation schedule and the way that it will work within our classroom. It should be interesting to be involved in a class where we are not all doing the same thing. Chances are that we will learn more from working in smaller groups and working together. Next week will bring new experiences as we begin our learning of all the digital tools.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Scanning (Week 4)

This week we learned everything we need to know about scanning. We learned the many different ways to scan from feeding it through the automated slot to placing it on the flatbed of the scanner. We also learned how to import those scanned documents into other applications such as Word and Excel. It was very interesting to find out how easy it was to bring these documents from the physical piece of paper to the electronic versions. My favorite part of this lesson was learning about PaperPort, which is an application that allows you to fill in a form from a scanned version. This application places fields into a scanned form for you to type into. I was very impressed with this and plan on using this in the future.