Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Today we worked on our Palms and Blackberry's for the second week. Continuing to learn how to navigate and use our devices. I used a different Blackberry this week and was excited to learn that it was very simple to complete the tasks that were given to us. I like this week's Blackberry better than that of the previous week because of the size. It was more user-friendly and comfort fitted for the consumer. I find the Blackberry to be a little more accommodating as well because it incorporates the telephone with the PDA functions. Therefore, I feel that, for me, the Blackberry would be the tool that I would use.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


This week our group was responsible for the Palm assignments, however, I chose to experiment with the Blackberry. I have used a Palm before and was very familiar with how it works. I am currently thinking about purchasing a Blackberry and was excited to have the opportunity to see if I could work easily with it. I worked through the assignments in the books and walked through how to use the Blackberry. I found it to be very helpful and a useful tool. I find any device that can help me stay organized to be of great assistance. I am still contemplating purchasing one for myself in the very near future.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Adobe Acrobat 8 (Week 8)

Today we worked with Adobe Acrobat 8. I found this software interesting but I can't see using it often. I felt that it was good knowledge for me to aquire but it will not be a program I use a lot. A lot of the features that it offers can be done in other, simpler programs. One thing I found interesting was the measuring feature. I'm not sure exactly when I might use it, but it is a feature that I have not seen in other programs.

No School (Week 7)

We did not have class today due to the weather. We will continue our rotation next week.

Digital PC and Wacom (Week 6)

Today we worked on the PC Tablet and the Wacom. It was very interesting to learn about these tools and explore the ways they work. I found the PC Tablet to be extremely useful and interesting. I really liked the handwriting recognition feature of it because it allowed me to write directly on the computer. I can see how this would be very useful to professions such as doctors and expediters.